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I create marketing campaigns with impact—targeted to your audience—with a fresh and contemporary edge. I am known for my super quick response and turnaround time when solving creative problems.

I work in a wide variety of styles and for almost all media—digital ads, phone apps, websites, books, postcards, direct mail, ads, and books. I am your one-stop source. Please, give me a call at 612-669-5730. Or write me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Whether it's logos, packaging, traveling displays, or illustration, let's create an image for you that jumps off the screen or pops off the shelf.

My Services

Logos / Branding

For me, logo design and branding is the greatest joy of the design world. Taking a few key words about your business and developing through the design process an identity that captures your identity. Every design project starts with a strong brand.

Book Design

Book design from cover to cover—that's what I do. I have designed over 100 books for print and e-reading. Most of the books I've designed are heavily visual with many how-to illustrated pages. I can help you create a design for just your cover, or the entire book. 

Ads and Posters

I create digital advertising, and ads for print publication and e-pubs. Also posters, billboards, and other traveling displays. And yes even product packaging of any sort from food containers and rack displays to supplement bottles and of course clothing and merchandise.

Political Marketing

I create winning direct mail for political races at the local, state and national levels. As well as developing campaign logos, digital advertising, and fundraising mail. Let's get out the vote with the right visual message.


Making complicated information visually simpleChanging dull into dynamic. Keeping the viewers attention and making charts fun. Whether long format or simple squares for sharing, I create graphics that get attention.

Web Advertising

Whether you need web banners, icons developed or creative visuals for your website I can help. Also if you need digital ads to drive traffic to your site, I can create visuals with impact for any space.